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 Audacious Being is a brand that represents boldness, vitality, and expansion. Just like the dynamic energy of our lives, Audacious Being embraces ever-evolving designs while also staying true to our roots by uniting edginess with elegance. 

I'm a Utah-based, self-taught silversmith, and jewelry designer behind Audacious Being. What started out as an enjoyable hobby to create thoughtful gifts for my friends in high school ended up being something I genuinely wanted to dive deep into. In 2015 while in the midst of finishing a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Science and raising my son, I immersed myself in learning traditional silversmithing techniques on my own. It's been an erratic but incredibly powerful journey full of growth and clarity ever since! Can’t stop, won’t stop! 


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Press or collaboration inquiries and wholesale information please email: audaciousdrea@gmail.com